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Climate hazards possess systemic risks to the economy, strategy and governance. The increase in severity and frequency of natural disasters is no longer temporary, it's close to permanent. The Finance, Insurance and Government sectors are especially exposed to the costs associated with the changes in the climate.

Our portfolio of risk solutions can help sectors meet regulatory obligations, understand the climate impact on portfolios and, help meet sustainability and corporate responsibilities.

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Existing Natural Hazards

Understand your exposure to existing natural hazards within your loan portfolios and you can devise appropriate risk mitigation strategies. CoreLogic’s partnership with Munich Re gives your business access to advanced location analytics underpinned by 40 years of natural hazards data collection combined with sophisticated risk score modelling.

Existing hazards coverage include:

  • Wildfire
  • Tropical cyclones
  • Extratropical storms
  • Hail
  • Lightning
  • River flood
  • Flash flood
  • Storm surge
  • Earthquake
  • Tsunami
  • Volcano
  • Tornado
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Inform pre-qualification, valuation strategies and credit decisioning policies

  • Strengthen your policy risk responses by incorporating existing natural hazards scores into pre-qualification, security acceptability test and risk appetite
  • Our climate risk solution can allow instant access to natural hazard and climate risk data viaProperty HuborApplication Programming Interface (API)as part of loan origination.

Identify properties facing existing hazard risks within your portfolio

  • Understand the current natural hazard and climate change event exposure to maintain appropriate disclosure to market and regulators.
  • Use the data to incorporate findings into policies and ongoing risk management frameworks.
  • Help your customers proactively assess whether they are adequately protected with the right insurance.
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  • We can deliver you natural hazard and climate risk data via API and Portal.
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Accelerate customer assistance and hardship strategies during natural disasters

  • Our solution helps you proactively offer hardship assistance to customers impacted by natural disasters
  • We can help you track progress of natural hazard events, assess rebuild cost and identify customers with underinsurance.
  • We can complete portfolio reviews by matching and appending the natural hazards and identify impacted properties during events and assess rebuild costs.

Forward looking climate change risk indicators

You can estimate the impact of specific forward-looking climate change risks, under a range of potential scenarios across the 2050/2100 time horizons. This is most relevant for climate related portfolio stress testing or financial disclosure reporting.

The following climate hazard scores are available:

  • Tropical cyclones
  • River flood
  • Sea level rise
  • Heat stress
  • Precipitation stress
  • Fire weather stress
  • Drought stress
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Stress test portfolios under multiple climate scenarios

  • Stress test and loss forecast based on different climate change scenarios including, estimate future losses over long term and assess capital implications. This helps your business plan for the future with effective portfolio pricing to allow for potential future losses.
  • We can help with portfolio reviews by matching and appending the natural hazards and climate risk data under various climate change scenarios.

Assist with Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) reporting on climate risk

  • Develop a corporate climate change policy to satisfy community and market expectations.
  • Consider whether to make voluntary disclosures under the TCFD recommendations Framework.
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Black Summer Bushfires webinar thumb

Webinar: Black Summer Bushfires: Lessons learned and the regions most at risk

气候变化的影响已经显现around the world.As a result, the risk profiles of our landscapes are changing, and our vulnerability as a society is increasing.As these events appear to be becoming more commonplace across the globe, what lessons can we learn from them, and how could bushfire modelling help us prepare for the future?

Moving Ahead with Climate Change Webinar

Moving ahead on climate change webinar

According to The Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, climate change is one of the most significant and perhaps most misunderstood risks that businesses face today.

This panel discussion brings together representatives from the banking and financial services industry to shed light on these issues and how the industry can respond to its risks and complexities.

Understanding risk climate change webinar screenshot

Understanding catastrophes and climate change impacts.

Climate strategy and understanding the impacts of future climate risks and natural hazards continues to be on the minds of everyone in our industry. Understanding the risk potential of each property, as well as the overall resilience of portfolios over short and long term horizons will be critical to future success and survival.

Learn more from our panel of global experts as they discuss the emerging and ever changing risks of climate change on the property market.

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